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A tiptoe into Woodworking and Wood turning.

To fill a need for gifts and practical issues, I designed and created a pushcart for helping my young nephew in learning to walk. It's made of cherry and finished with baby-oil and beeswax.

To celebrate a brothers wedding, a cutting board was CNC'd with a custom "K" and heart with drip bordering in a custom shape.

The raising of a solar power wood kiln

With having a sawmill, and machinery to manipulate the wooden medium...There becomes the need for a cheap ecological means to dry lumber beyond sitting under tin. Meet the solar powered kiln.

The kiln itself has a transparent roof facing south and at 45 degrees slope to maximize solar gain throughout the year. By itself the kiln's heat would accelerate the drying (convection only), but with fans powered by a single refurbished solar panel, the process is further accelerated. Reaching temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer even with the aid of fans.

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